Your Fonder Heart

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Words only mean as much as interpretive dance

It entered my heart as a memory of something beautiful as my memory failed me yet again.
Did you not know, the difference? Between the memory of a heart and that of your head?
A memory of the heart floats indifferently through you like a cotton fluff past your face, unlikely to register in your peripheral.
If you could be so lucky as to connect with this feather, catalogue it.
Never let it go again.

Never let your mind blank long enough to cease to feel that tender tickling of the heart that comes with nostalgia.

Monday, November 4, 2013

It finds you, in the end. Hold on.

Oct 13, 2012.

When you realize your heart
Can swell with love
Instead of rage.
When it skips a beat
For affection,
Not infection,
When a smile can envelope you
Like a gust of leaves in the wind,
Tickling and breezy
Rather than be suspicious
And doubtful.
The kind of sincerity
That could break your knees
From the trembling, the shock of purity.
Welcome home, love.
It’s been quite a while.

Let’s give it a go.