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Cool Girl

If I had to tell her how to protect her heart, I would tell her this:

Cool Girls don't stick around long enough to get hurt.
Cool Girls check the sports stats and have a cigarette when they are done.

Cool Girls are aloof.
Cool Girls are not Manic Pixie Dream Girls.

A Cool Girl will tower over you, even if she is short.
Her presence is discreetly known wherever she goes.

A Cool Girl never has to ask for anything.
A Cool Girl will make demands, and - boy howdy - those roars are hers to be heard.

Sugar & Spice

There are trees, in some distant corner of the world that I'll never see, that grow sideways. The wind is so strong, so constant, so ceaselessly powerful, that the trees grow sideways. They don't look like normal trees, they don't grow like normal, trees, but they grow. They persist. That gives me hope for my heart, perhaps it will bend and not break, it will grow sideways, as these trees do, it could be malleable like I once thought my fate was, bending, not breaking.

Fools Rush In

I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I keep my cards close to my chest.

When it rains, it pours.
Let the rain wash you clean.

I'm a mover, not a shaker.
I'll take that shaken, not stirred.

I'll take that shaken, not stirred.


"You must play piano," the old hens cooed when you were young
"Not a key, I swear" you insisted
Those fingers aren't for making that kind of music though, are they darling
They're to make me sing
Not the usual sad cry of lonely whales,
But a euphoric, interstellar kind of song.