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Our generation holds themselves higher than our parents' held the bible.

We allow ourselves to be corrupted by society. We allow ourselves to become lost in the internet. We allow ourselves to have such an excess of narcissism that we spend hours choosing what to reveal about ourselves on facebook in order to create an impression of someone we wish to be, and not at all who we are. We keep digital records of our daily events and feelings, because writing with pen and paper is so passe. We must smoke cigarettes as to occupy our hands, which may otherwise display some sort of truth, the truth of uncertainty. We must develop a reputation of consistency to form personas behind which we hide. We become uncomfortable without a connection; no cellphone, no internet, no safety net. We must illuminate the spaces in between one another with televisions, silver screens, the glow from the text message you just sent to the person you were thinking about while you were with someone else. We cannot be in silence or darkness, unless it is a specifically rebellious lifesty…

Yesterday is miles away, it would be a closer trip to the moon.

I am just trying to keep my head above water. Just like everyone else. Why aren't we uniting under this front of consistent uncertainty?

Materialistically Satisfied, never satiated.

Bright Eyes discography in my possession, chronologically:

letting off the happiness
every day and every night
fevers and mirrors
there is no beginning to the story
lifted, or, the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground
i'm wide awake it's morning
take it easy (love nothing)
noise floor
four winds

Further confounded.

Other anxious people would recognize me by my deep, shaky breaths, my clenched fists, my closed eyes. By the volume on the television or stereo being prime numbers only, because having to think about the possibilities and probabilities of other numbers makes my knees sore and my feet cold. I have nervous knees and I'd really like it if you didn't touch them. If you did touch them, I'd respond more intensely than with dislike, I'd likely respond with violent distress.

Black holes; what's the deal? And why does skin get 'dry' after being in water for too long? What is 'vertigo,' and how can someone believe they are good enough to stand in judgment over others?

Amplify your rebellious side and switch off the mediocrity you know. My favourite place on Earth is where it rains all the time, and when it rains it really rains, it means something to rain there and the occupants of the atmosphere accept that.

I am filled with love a size colossally more immense …