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Cheers to fears

I am on the inside looking around. None of this "outside looking in" bull shit.
I am aware of my choices and decision, I am aware of situations around me, and the effects they have, and I feel good about it all.
I feel really good. Even if I am acting self-centered in my self-awareness, I still feel good.
Self inspired to boot!
And that's something to 'cheers' about.

Can't stop [it]

I've collected all the books strewn across my bedroom that I have bookmarks in and am currently reading. They are stacked beside my bed now.
-a magazine with Connor Oberst on the cover
-a Zitz comic book
- No Logo
- Food For Though, The Vegetarian Philosophy
- Vegan Sourcebook
- Bright Shiny Morning
- Stuff White People Like
- Green For Life
- Bagombo Snuffbox

On my desk I have three organizers / day planners / calendars, none of which has all of my events / deadlines in it. I have Frebreeze, cat nail clippers, cat treats, rocks, four dictionaries, three thesauruses, twp water bottles, an empty juice box, an empty EA coffee mug, a stack of now-useless free movie passes, pens, two pairs of glasses, three pairs of sunglasses, a ring, a hair elastic, iPod cables, camera cords, sticky notes with very outdated information, a 'scent of mullet' air freshener, a matt good pin, an oasis pin, and an EA coffee sleeve. No wonder I can't work in this space.

Now my desk is (mostly) cleared (ho…