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Sunny Days

My solar vitamin reaction is fantastic. I've been smiling and enjoying. Picking up worms off the side walk and placing them in the grass. Watching basketball star help physics star carry his catapult home, for no apparent reason. Finding a dog in my garage. The inspiration for a best friend's birthday present. Being in love all the time, rather than never being in love at all. Skinny love.

Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Maybe creepy, definitely awkward, sorta sans sanity

I can make two promises that I believe are true.
WON.) I am not anything close to a stalker. Or even obsessive. Just interested.
TWO.) I feel I need to tell you what I'm going to tell you, because if I were in a position such as yours and someone else were me, I would definitely be interested (among other things) to hear such a tale.

I live in a moderately populated small city / big town near Vancouver, Canada. I work at a movie theater, and get maybe 6 customers on an average Wednesday night. So I keep myself busy. One day my manager / good friend Robyn was reading Sex Drugs and Cocoapuffs, and I proceeded to take it from her midway through my six hour Wednesday night shift. I got about half way through it before I went home that night, and finished it before Thursday morning. However, I skipped the chapter about The Real World (because I do not care and do not plan on caring any time soon) and on basketball (because I am disinteres…

this heart's on fire

your expressions
your sentiments
your feelings
your words
your love
your life


Mind the gap (between heart and soul)

You know when they say "it hurts in places I never knew could hurt"? Those places hurt all the time. It's the places that are meant to hurt that I can't feel, or I feel like I can't feel them, sometimes they hurt even more then the non-places that always hurt, but it feels like way too much hurt for one person to bear by herself, it's a feeling of sadness, a constant melancholy, an invariable despondency that contaminates the marrow of my soul. I feel sad, all the time.

Quote:Bright eyes to bat and hide behind.. just for show
-Matthew Good