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Is it just me, or did life get weird in the last month?
I did not expect to be that person who flips out after graduating, and here I am, flipping out. I am royally cheesed off with myself. Disappointed, at the least.
The plans, they are fluid whereas I used to know where I'd be at what time at any given point during the day. Now I'm 'playing it by ear' and things are getting weird. I never thought I'd be here. Plan: work 12 hours today. Reality: work 2.5 hours, power out, listen to some acoustic, take it easy, hit up a record release, sit around a fire with skin heads, graffiti artists, poets, and dreamers.
I like my life in the moment, but when the moment is slow lately I've been getting too deep into my head. It feels like I'm lost, quite simply.