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I guess this is what blogs are for;

"I am friends with you two on different levels (read: i hang out with the two of you seperately and exclusively. Combining you two would be weird and potentially dangerous - you may find holes in my story, the recreated me I've been developing since moving here)."
- me
- personal insight by fluke.

"your honesty is unpredictable and your vulnerability is disarming. you never disappoint."
- Robyn Mooney
- very poetic, and very flattering to my ego


Empty promises,
broken hearts,
loose lips,
sinking ships.

Piano keys,
broken strings,
mo-town blues,
bred to lose.

falling leaves
slanted thieves.

More words at your expense.

The streets are static at this hour,
but the avenues are lined with trees.
And there's a rabbit running north
along the yellow line.

What a brilliant display of audacity,
while I'm feeling like...

falling leaves,
forgotten languages.

Something romantic, but lost,
like 'take a penny, leave a penny' jars,
or the second receipt that
nobody wants.

Unspoken confessions, damp sleeves,
gutters filled with cigarettes butts.
Reopened wounds shallow skin deep salt water burning.

Have you got a light? Won't you spend the night?
I'm sending this storm out west, to you.